Financing Your Education - Work Study Opportunities
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Office of Student Financial Aid makes the final determination as to which students are accepted into the Federal Work-Study Program and how much these students are allotted. The work-study program encourages students to be employed in community service and fields that have a relation with their chosen field of study.

Job positions offered to the student can either be off-campus or on-campus. Because of the focus on community benefit, most off-campus jobs will be at public agencies or private nonprofit agencies and are those that are considered to be in the public interest.

To be eligible for the Federal Work-Study Program the student is required to be a United States citizen or an eligible non-citizen (this means those with an Alien Registration Card or those with a Arrival Departure Record with specific designations). The student must also be accepted for enrollment into an eligible institution of higher education.

The total grants on the federal side were $980,354,000 in 2007; approximately $980,492,000 in 2008; and approximately $980,492,000 in 2009. On average, the award per student was around $1,478. The Federal Work-Study Program has become a foundation for those students who use it to be able to afford college. Institutions throughout the country are expected to award $1,171,395 to approximately 792,554 recipients.

Financing Your Education - Work Study Opportunities
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Financing Your Education - Work Study Opportunities
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